MetalMatters 2019 programme update

Since 2012 campaigns have been run in over 90 local authorities across the UK, directly targeting 6 million households. The results from these programmes show that MetalMatters messaging leads to an increase of metal packaging appearing in the recycling waste stream, and increasing revenue derived from recycling schemes.

However, it is more challenging to measure the impact of the MetalMatters campaign; cuts in local authority budgets impacting on communications and staff, disparity in data capture and accuracy of data reporting, are amongst a range of factors. In order to identify other means of measuring the value and return on investment, we are currently reviewing all aspects of the programme. From analysing the data, testing the messaging and means of communication, seeking feedback from local authority representatives – no stone will be left unturned in order to ensure that the MetalMatters campaign continues to deliver positive results.

Ecosurety pledges support for MetalMatters

Ecosurety, one of the UK’s leading packaging compliance schemes and resource efficiency specialists, has pledged their support to MetalMatters, the metal packaging industry’s flagship behavioural change programme. Read more