Tata Steel

The European operations of Tata Steel, whose main steelmaking sites are in the UK and the Netherlands, comprise Europe’s second largest steel producer. Tata Steel serves many different and demanding markets worldwide, including aerospace, automotive, construction, energy and power and packaging. The European operations are a subsidiary of Tata Steel Group, one of the world’s top twelve steel producers. The combined group has an aggregate crude steel capacity of more than 29 million tonnes and approximately 80,000 employees across four continents.

Steel is an essential material, intrinsic to our way of life and to the products society will demand in a sustainable future. Steel is a material that is used, not consumed. It is recycled and used again, without any loss of quality, time after time. At Tata Steel, we are committed to making the products society needs and to making them in the most responsible way possible. This means, practically, that we commit to:
•Producing steel products for the future
•Investing in sustainable steel-making
•Improving our existing processes
•Facilitating the recycling loop

Our steel enables our customers to make safer cars, more energy-efficient buildings and infrastructure, easily-recoverable and recyclable packaging and many other products which help to move society towards our vision of a sustainable future.


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