MetalMatters launches new website and YouTube channel for local authorities

Since the first pilot programme in 2010 MetalMatters has been working with local authorities and waste partnerships to help them run cost-effective communication campaigns encouraging householders to recycle more of their metal packaging, and helping to boost kerbside recycling collection rates.

28 local authorities were involved in campaigns in 2012 and now in its third year MetalMatters has launched a brand new website and YouTube channel to showcase these programmes, and enable other local authorities to use the campaign resources.

MetalMatters developed from extensive research into recycling behaviour and attitudes to recycling — a key finding was that consumers wanted reassurance that their metal items do get recycled, and that the effort involved is ‘worthwhile’. These findings shaped the communications campaign, which shows some of the transformations that metal undergoes when recycled, from packaging into higher value items.

The website also includes news on current campaigns and case studies from local authorities which have successfully implemented MetalMatters. Campaign resources include template press releases, top tips and canny facts which can be used in any recycling campaign.

The MetalMatters YouTube page contains a series of short ‘how to’ videos which explain some of ‘how to’s’ of metal packaging These videos can be used by local authorities as part of their recycling campaigns to educate residents about recycling metal packaging, showing them how quick and easy it can be.

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