MetalMatters Launches Major Communications Campaign in Bedford

Photo of Neil Chapman, Nicola Bennett and Amy Blowes
(l to r) Neil Chapman, Business Development Manager, Ardagh Group; Nicola Bennett, Systems and Communications Manager, TATA Steel; Amy Blowes, Environmental Education Officer, Bedford Borough Council

A major communications campaign has been launched in Bedford to encourage householders to recycle more of the estimated 1,400 tonnes of metal packaging used by local residents every year.

In partnership with Bedford Borough Council, MetalMatters has launched an eight week campaign to help boost collection levels for metal packaging at kerbsides by educating residents on the types of metal packaging that can be recycled and what happens to these metals once they have been collected.

A significant sum of money could be saved annually by recycling Bedford households’ metal packaging. Used metal packaging has the highest value of all the materials which can be recycled as it can be recycled endlessly into new products at a far lower cost to industry, and the environment, than making them from raw materials.

Research by the drinks can manufacturers revealed that people aren’t always aware that used metal packaging can be recycled into new, valuable, everyday items, and this could be one of the reasons why several tonnes of metal packaging used by households in the district are still lost to landfill every year.

If all the metal packaging used in Bedford each year was collected for recycling it would save around 5,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, the equivalent to taking 960 cars off local streets.

To mark the launch of the campaign, residents in Bedford joined forces at a fun, recycling roadshow held in the town centre.

The communications campaign will reach more than 69,000 households and includes a two-phase leaflet drop to every home in the area and advertising on the Council’s recycling vehicles which will carry the ‘make your metals matter’ message. Roadshows in the town centre and at major local events will also enable residents to get more information about how they can make a difference.

Councillor Charles Royden, Portfolio Holder at Bedford Borough Council, said: “By implementing the MetalMatters programme we are encouraging householders to recycle more of their metal packaging. We’re committed to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill and the campaign will help us to better communicate the benefits of recycling to local residents.

“With support from MetalMatters, we are looking forward to getting out in the area and speaking directly to people at our summer roadshows. We will be using these events to show people just how easy it is to recycle metal packaging, such as food and drink cans and aerosols, and do their bit for the environment.”

Rick Hindley, Executive Director of project managers Alupro, said: “It is great to be launching our latest campaign in partnership with Bedford Borough Council to promote the recycling of metal packaging in the area. Some of our most recent campaigns have generated impressive results, so we’re looking forward to building further on this by working together with the council to increase the amounts of metal packaging collected for recycling to make a positive impact in Bedford.”

The campaign is being jointly funded by MetalMatters, an industry partnership comprising the UK’s leading producers, users and recyclers of metal packaging, and Bedford Borough Council. Metalmatters is run by the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro) on behalf of the funding partners.

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