Shropshire Council


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Shropshire Council set a target of achieving a 10% uplift in metals recycling performance with its MetalMatters campaign. In fact the increase was more than double the target figure, with an actual improvement of 25% and payback on the initial investment reached in just three months.

Funding partnership with MetalMatters, Veolia Environmental Services and Shropshire Council.

Key Facts

Campaign budget: £33,000
Cost delivery cost: 25p per household

Campaign launched in March 2014:

  • Two leaflet drops to every household
  • Signage panels fitted to recycling fleet vehicles
  • Dedicated page on Shropshire Council website
  • Roadshow activity throughout the County
  • Social media support


Metals Capture:

  • Pre-campaign: 9.9kg/household
  • Post-campaign: 12.4kg/household

Metals capture rate increase: 25%
Additional metals captured: 324 tonnes (2.4kg/household)
Additional value generated: £134,000
Return on investment: 3 months

“Based on our experience, local authorities will almost certainly see a guaranteed return on investment, uplift in recycling and less waste to dispose of, which also saves taxpayers money.”

James Thompson, Waste Prevention Officer, Shropshire Council