Lewisham Borough Council


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The London Borough of Lewisham has a recycling rate of 17% and is home to 122,000 households with just under 40,000 residences made up of large estate properties and tower blocks. MetalMatters launched in March 2014 targeting residents with a wide range of activities. Results show that MetalMatters campaign resources, combined with local authority know-how and contacts, proved a great success, generating additional annual value of £40,113 or 33p per household.

Key Facts

Campaign Budget: £29,100
Campaign delivery cost: 24p per household.

The Campaign (launched in March 2014):

  • Leaflet drop to every household
  • Signage panels fitted to recycling fleet vehicles
  • Launch event at Lewisham Shopping Centre
  • Dedicated page on Lewisham Borough Council website
  • Roadshow activity


Pre-campaign metal capture rate : 43% (5.9kg/household)
Overall metal capture rate increase: 12.3% (6.6kg/household)
Additional metals captured: 91.2 tonnes (26p per household)
Additional value created: £40,113 (33p per household)

“MetalMatters materials are tried and tested, and incorporate experience gained with other local authorities’ campaigns; we also have our own way of doing things – the two combined really well”

Paddy Swift, Waste Initiatives and Contract Officer, Lewisham Council