Tata Steel UK is increasing its support for MetalMatters, the metal packaging industry’s UK behavioral change programme which aims to boost capture rates for metal packaging collected at kerbside.

The European operations of Tata Steel, whose main steelmaking sites are in the UK and the Netherlands, comprise Europe’s second largest steel producer. They are the largest supplier and recycler of steel used in packaging sold onto the UK market – from food cans to aerosols.

Tata Steel serves many different and demanding markets worldwide, including aerospace, automotive, construction, energy and power and packaging. The European operations are a subsidiary of Tata Steel Group, one of the world’s top twelve steel producers. The combined group has an aggregate crude steel capacity of more than 29 million tonnes and approximately 80,000 employees across four continents.

Packaging Recycling Education Manager, Nicola Jones at Tata Steel,: “MetalMatters is a great example of industry and local authorities working together to engage local communities, increase recycling rates for metal packaging and reducing its product carbon footprint. We recognise that local authorities are under huge financial pressures which is impacting on their ability to deliver communications programmes essential for boosting recycling rates. The proven MetalMatters programme delivers impressive improvements in metal packaging recycling rates every time it is deployed.   We are proud to be part of MetalMatters and are keen to actively support the ongoing development of the programme. We will also be encouraging our packaging customers to get involved.”

To date MetalMatters campaigns have been delivered in 81 local authorities across the UK, and have directly targeted over 5.3 million households. The campaign is based around a two-phase leaflet drop which informs and reminds householders about what and how to recycle, and explain what happens to metal packaging when it is recycled.

Rick Hindley, Executive Director of project managers, Alupro: “We are delighted that Tata Steel has committed to increase their support for MetalMatters. The additional contribution will allow us to expand the programme into even more local authority areas – we are currently identifying new opportunities to deploy the programme with local authorities and waste management companies for our 2018 schedule.

The programme is funded by a partnership of metal packaging manufacturers, fillers and reprocessors and is delivered on their behalf by Alupro, with support from local authorities and their waste collection partners.


 About MetalMatters

MetalMatters is a proven communications programme designed to support the UK’s current kerbside recycling schemes. It can be run in a single local authority, to target a select demographic group (e.g. by ACORN or Mosaic classification) or across a waste partnership area. The programme educates householders about metal packaging recycling and aims to motivate them to recycle more at home. For details of the industry partnership that funds the programme and case studies please visit the website www.metalmatters.org.uk

About Tata Steel UK

Tata Steel Europe (formerly Corus) is Europe’s second-largest steel producer. It supplies steel and related services to the construction, automotive, packaging, engineering and other sectors worldwide.

Corus was acquired by Tata Steel in April 2007 and made the Tata Steel group the world’s sixth largest steel producer

For more information, visit www.tatasteeleurope.com, or connect with us on Twitter.

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