Ball pledges funding support for MetalMatters

Representatives from Alupro and Ball Corporation

Pictured L-R: Diana Caldwell, Communications Director, Alupro; Bjöern Kulmann, Director Sustainability, Ball Corporation; Jean Blottiere, Sales Manager UK & Key Account Manager, Ball Aerocan; Matthew Rowland-Jones, Manager Sustainability, Ball Beverage Packaging Europe; Warren Berry, Plant Manager Devizes, Ball Aerocan; Jason Galley, Director Global Innovation & Business Development, Ball Aerocan


Alupro is pleased to announce that Ball Corporation has become a direct funding partner of MetalMatters; the packaging industry’s communications programme in the UK which aims to boost the capture rates for metal packaging collected at kerbside.


Ball, a leading supplier of innovative, sustainable beverage, food and aerosol packaging solutions , manufacturers beverage and aerosol cans for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and beverage industries at four manufacturing locations across the UK. Because of the company’s strong commitment to make metal cans the most sustainable packaging, it supports industry-funded recycling communication programmes such as MetalMatters.


Director of Sustainability at Ball Corporation Bjöern Kulmann, says: “MetalMatters is a great example of industry and local authorities working together to engage local communities, increase recycling rates for metal packaging and reduce its product carbon footprint. We recognise that high quality communications directly targeting households will play a key role in delivering increased recycling rates and are keen to actively support the ongoing development of the programme.”


Rick Hindley, Executive Director of project managers, Alupro says: “We are delighted to welcome Ball as a MetalMatters funding partner. Their contribution will allow us to expand the programme into new local authority areas. Next to our continued focus on beverage cans, we also know that approximately 20 percent of UK households put their aerosol cans in the general rubbish because they are unsure if aerosol cans are recyclable. Through our campaigns, we address this issue by educating residents about the recyclability of metal packaging. Our programmes are making a major contribution to delivering lasting and positive behaviour change.”


To date MetalMatters campaigns have been delivered in 74 local authorities across the UK, and have directly targeted over 4.5 million households. The campaign is based around a two-phase leaflet drop which informs and reminds householders about what and how to recycle, and explain what happens to metal packaging when it is recycled.


The programme is funded by a partnership of metal packaging manufacturers, fillers and reprocessors and is delivered on their behalf by Alupro, with support from local authorities and their waste collection partners.

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