households targeted

Total dry recycling tonnage increased over the period of the campaign.

The average percentage of metals in the dry recycling stream rose by 12.7% over the period of the campaign.

450 households in three areas recorded a 12% increase in the number of houses recycling cans.

The increase in metals captured will offset the cost of the campaign within 12 months.

90,000 households

Campaign launched July 2012

The campaign cost 33p per household

Programme partners

Portsmouth City Council, Project Integra — a partnership working to provide an integrated approach to the collection, treatment and disposal of municipal waste in Hampshire.

  • Leaflet drop to every household (week 1 and week 6)
  • Bus advertising
  • Bus shelter advertising
  • Billboard advertising
  • Press advertising
  • Recycling vehicle livery
  • Launch event and Roadshows