Oxford City Council


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The MetalMatters campaign in partnership with Oxford City Council was launched in February 2016, and targeted 67,000 households. The campaign resulted in an increased annual capture of 400 tonnes of aluminium and steel packaging from the kerbside, an increase of more than 30 per cent. The extra revenue generated resulted in campaign costs being paid back in just 1.7 months.

Key Facts

Campaign Budget: £14,087
Campaign delivery cost: 21p per household.

The Campaign (launched in February 2016):

  • Two directly addressed leaflet drops, six weeks apart
  • A launch event and press release
  • A display in the town hall in the heart of the City
  • Signage panels on kerbside collection vehicles
  • Billboard and bus stop signage
  • Roadshow activities
  • MetalMatters page on council websites
  • Social media activity


Pre-campaign metal capture rate : 18.5%
Overall metal capture rate increase: 24.5%
Additional metals captured: 32.4%
Additional value created: £100,384 (£1.50 per household)

“What I particularly liked about the MetalMatters campaign is the message that, once put out for recycling, household metal packaging can be transformed into a wide range of new items – including high value products. It’s a very positive message and really helps capture people’s imaginations.”

Maria Warner, Recycling Officer at Oxford City Council