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Bedford Borough Council was keen to boost its recycling performance and make a positive impact on its carbon footprint through the implementation of a metals recycling campaign. MetalMatters led to the capture of an additional 78.8 tonnes of metal packaging and a saving of an estimated 364 tonnes of carbon. The extra revenue generated resulted in the cost of the campaign being paid back in just nine months.

The programme was a partnership funded by DCLG’s Weekly Collection Support Fund and MetalMatters industry funding partners.

Key facts

  • Campaign budget: £22,500
  • Campaign delivery cost: 33p per household.

The Campaign (launched in July 2013):

  • Two-phase leaflet drop to every household (8 weeks apart)
  • Signage panels fitted to recycling fleet vehicles (5 vehicles)
  • Dedicated page on Bedford Borough Council website
  • Advertising in key regional newspapers
  • Roadshow activity throughout July and August
  • Social media activity


Metal capture rate:
Pre-campaign: 6%
Post-campaign: 7%
Overall metal capture rate increase: 19%

Additional income generated: 43p / household
Return on investment: 9 months

“Our work with MetalMatters has been very successful, and the figures seem to have been largely sustained, we’re still seeing elevated levels of metals recycling. I would thoroughly recommend other people taking the same approach, and benefiting from Alupro’s experience in communications has taught us a lot more about what works communications-wise in Bedford.”

Natasha Hollidge, Waste Services Manager, Bedford Borough Council

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