Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire


households targeted

One year after the programme finished Aberdeenshire Council has recorded that metal tonnages collected at the kerbside have risen by 12%

MetalMatters generated a return on investment in 10 months for Aberdeenshire Council

224,000 households

8 week campaign covering both local authorities

Campaign launched in May 2012

The programme cost 35p per household

Post-campaign research of 1112 residents conducted in Aberbeen City and Aberbeenshire Council authorities during September 2012 showed 51% recall of recycling communications.The most commonly recycled items were food and drink cans, but there was more uncertainty about the recyclability of aerosols and foil trays, which could be explained by the fact that these items had only been added to kerbside collections relatively recently.

  • Leaflet drop to every household (week 1 and week 6)
  • Radio advertising
  • Press advertising
  • Vehicle livery
  • Children’s recycling worksheets
  • Pencils
  • Fridge magnets
  • Post-campaign attitudinal research

PR support:

  • PR launch event
  • Roadshows in town centres, local shows and farmers markets
  • Online resource library

Programme partners

  • Zero Waste Scotland
  • The programme received support from the Scottish Environment Minister, Richard Lochhead.

*Base period April — October 2011; **Base period May — November 2011